Series: Understanding the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting Landscape

In the three months since I joined Climatiq to build out our approach to “Strategy and Impact”, I kept coming back to the need to better understand corporate reporting requirements. As a sustainability practitioner, who spends a lot of time thinking about and working at the intersection of digital rights and climate justice, abbreviations like ESG, GRI, TCFD, EU CSRD, GHG, ISSB and more are so (tiringly) common that I felt the need to unpack (and avoid “death by acronyms“).

As I was working my way through the most frequently referenced Corporate Reporting Standards, Frameworks, as well as Regulation — all with a view to environmental, social, and governance reporting, I decided to neatly capture my findings in an overview table, which is now publicly available and open to contributions.

To make this growing list slightly more accessible, I also explored benefits, shortfalls, as well as trends and dynamics that I am seeing in this ever more complex landscape.

Are there other aspects you’d like to gain more insight on? Facets I am missing or analyses that would make it easier for you (and your organisation) to navigate these requirements? Do let me know!

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