Research: Environmental Impact of Publishing Houses

New research piece: Together with Chris Hartgerink, we look at scholarly publishing houses and their environmental impact in this guest post.TL;DR:1) We need transparent, comparable, machine-readable emissions data. We are in a Climate Emergency — there is no time to hide behind wordy (100 pages) reporting.2) Some of these research publishers are big enough to... Continue Reading →

Panel: re:publica 2022

#rp22 — “Frictionless Planet” During this year’s re:publica 2022, June 8-10 in Berlin, I had the great pleasure of joining two remarkable women and longtime friends for a panel discussion on the intersection of open data, digital rights, and the climate crisis. Together with Open Knowledge Foundation CEO, Renata Avila and Sustainable Internet Lead with... Continue Reading →

Keynote: GedankenGut

Am 28. April war ich auf Gut Oppershausen in Wienhausen eingeladen von der IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg. In meiner Keynote ging es um das Zusammenspiel von Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit mit einem klaren Credo: Wir müssen unternehmerischen Erfolg neu definieren. Erfolg muss an sozialen und umweltschützenden Aspekten, nicht nur finanziellen Gewinnen gemessen werden. ~Cathleen Berger, @_cberger_Tweet Ein kurzes... Continue Reading →

Interview: IHK Lüneburg

Auf Einladung der IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg durfte ich Anne Klesse ein Interview zu den Zusammenhängen von Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit geben. Es war ein spannendes Gespräch und ich freue mich darauf im April auf Gut Oppershausen meine Gedanken in einem längeren Vortrag zu vertiefen. Anmeldungen zum Event sind nach wie vor möglich, Link im Interview.

Blog: The UK’s fight against Greenwashing. And why the Oatly case presents a conundrum.

A short while back, the UK's CMA practically declared greenwashing illegal (by reiterating consumer protection law). One of the recent cases, enforcing these guidelines, was Oatly, an oat milk consumer brand. Their ads are generally designed as advocacy campaigns that raise awareness around the climate crisis, and our dietary choices. We need more companies contributing... Continue Reading →

Consultancy: Liberate Science’s Environmental Impact

I recently had the pleasure of getting together with Founder and CEO, Chris Hartgerink, to discuss Liberate Science's environmental journey. It has been incredibly uplifting and reassuring to support such a promising, young -and principled- start-up in setting them up for an environmentally conscious future. It took us roughly 4 hours to calculate their Greenhouse... Continue Reading →

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