Professional milestone projects


Programme: Environmental Sustainability (2020-2021)

Head, Environmental Sustainability | Office of CFO

Building up and leading Mozilla’s environmental sustainability programme for both Corporation & Foundation.

Process: Reimagine open (2019)

Planning, designing, implementing an open consultation process on the future of the web | Office of the Chair

Research: Luxury to Disconnect (2018)

Researcher, Writer, Speaker


Conferences: RightsCon Toronto (May 2018); IGF Paris (Nov 2018).


Campaign: G20 digital process (2017-2018)

Strategy, partnerships, outreach | Office of the Chair

Joint publications with the Internet Society and the World Wide Web Foundation:

Open letter signed by over 100 organisations worldwide.

Social media campaign: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.


Cybersecurity Capacity Building (2016-2017)

Consulting and leading initial phase of their Cypersecurity Capacity Building programme, including the development of strategy, success criteria, partner selection, advisory board process, and funder relationship management. | Consultant

  • Online training series for human rights defenders to support their participation in international discussions on cyber policies;
  • Framework for inclusive policy-making processes and strategic advocacy plans for partners in Chile, Indonesia, Kenya.


All of the below required a high degree of topical expertise; understanding and liasing with different stakeholder groups, their interests and concerns; close interministerial and cross-governmental coordination and stewardship; bilateral and multilateral engagements and negotiations.

Internet Governance

  • World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+10 process):
  • Internet Governance Forum:
  • ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 (PP-14) | Busan, South Korea:
    • Primary resolutions and declarations followed: Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, Cyber Capacity Building, WSIS process and expanding internet access.
  • European Dialogue on Internet Governance, 2014 (EuroDIG) | hosted in the Federal Foreign Office:
    • Opening Speech by Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier: “Put simply: It takes many to run the internet. And it takes many to make sure it remains free, safe and open! That’s why this conference is a ‘Dialogue’. And that’s why I am glad about the diverse mix of people in this room…

Freedom and Human Rights Online

Cyber Capacity Building

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