Luxury to Disconnect: exploring the cost of privacy across the world

Luxury to Disconnect (2018)

Researcher, Writer, Speaker

Publications: Privacy is not dead, but it’s going to cost you (March 2018); The Clash of GDPR and IoT (May 2018); Privacy comes with rising cost around the world (July 2018); Internet addiction isn’t the problem, it’s the symptom (April 2019)

Conferences: IGF Paris (Nov 2018); RightsCon Toronto (May 2018)

Campaign: G20 digital process (2017-2018)

Strategy, partnerships, outreach | Mozilla

Joint publications with the Internet Society and the World Wide Web Foundation: G20 Nations must set clear priorities for digital agenda (July 2017), It’s time for the G20’s first digital agenda (Feb 2018), There’s a techlash. The G20 should listen. (Aug 2018, DE, ES)

Open letter signed by over 100 organisations worldwide.

Social media campaign: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

GGF2027: Global Governance Futures Fellowship | GPPi

Fellowship  (2016-2017)

Global Governance Futures | Expert on Data Governance | sponsored by Robert Bosch Foundation

Sessions: D.C. (June 2016, Brookings), Tokyo (Sept 2016, Tokyo Foundation), Beijing (Sept 2016), Delhi (January 2017), Berlin (May 2017, GPPi)

Final report: Data Power Dynamics.

Europas Beitrag zu einem offenen und freien Internet, Associate | Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

Research project (2015-2016) 

Europas Beitrag zu einem offenen und freien Internet | Associate | sponsored by Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

Publication, April 2016: Zero-Rating: Digital Rights Challenges in the Developing World

Talk, Sept 2015: Netzneutralität: Unterwandert Zero-Rating die Demokratie?

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