Asian Forum on Global Governance Fellowship (2020-2021)

Young Global Leader | sponsored by Observer Research Foundation and ZEIT-Stiftung.

AFGG: Delhi, 8-18 Jan 2020

Raisina Dialogue: 15-17 Jan 2020 & 13-15 Apr 2021

Essay compilation: “From Alpha Century to Viral World“. April 13, 2021.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council (2020-2021)

Co-Founder and Member | Mozilla’s Finance and Business Operations Department

Focus on: Advocating for Intersectionality, Promoting Digital Wellbeing, and Creating a more Inclusive Culture

Global Futures Council on Global Public Goods (2019-2020)

Expert on the intersection of technology and sustainability | hosted by the World Economic Forum

Networks of Global Future Councils 2019-2020. Annual Report.

Mentor: Feminist Tech Fellowship (2019) | sponsored by the Superrr Network

Transatlantic Cyber Forum (2017-2020)

Expert on encryption, government hacking, strategic foresight and the impact of AI on society | hosted by Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

Contributions: Initial Take-Away: Encryption Policy and Government Hacking; Policy Briefs on Government Hacking; Governmental Vulnerability Assessments and Management; Securing Artificial Intelligence.

Global Governance Futures Fellowship  (2016-2017)

Expert on Data Governance | sponsored by Robert Bosch Foundation

Sessions: D.C. (June 2016, Brookings), Tokyo (Sept 2016, Tokyo Foundation), Beijing (Sept 2016), Delhi (January 2017), Berlin (May 2017, GPPi)

Final report: Data Power Dynamics.

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