Blog: Data protection: Reflections on the EU entering the digital age

After almost 5 years, it’s finally happened. Today the European Parliament (EP) signed off without rejections on the EU’s new data protection package.

Negotiated in countless sessions between Commission, Council and Parliament, it includes the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Directive for the police and criminal justice sector, replacing legislation written when computers were running Windows ’95 and global internet penetration stood at around 1%.

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Blog: Reflections on Joe Cannataci’s first report

Joseph Cannataci recently submitted his first report as UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy — a brand new position, created in July 2015 in the wake of the German-Brazilian initiative for a UN resolution on privacy in the digital age. The report includes a description of Cannataci’s working methods, a general overview of privacy-relevant topics, and a ‘Ten point action plan’ — described as a to-do list for the post holder, rather than a mere wish list.

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