SupeRRR Feminist Tech Fellowship

Great news indeed. The wonderful Julia Kloiber just launched our very first SupeRRR Feminist Tech Fellowship, powered by Mozilla. It’s a special honor for me to support this exciting opportunity as a mentor.

Learn more about our first cohort here:

And if you have any ideas, art or tech projects, research, written pieces, or otherwise creative things to share — or you might even want to support the overall effort and help us recruit even more fellows in the future, please let us know!

Panel: MisInfoCon, London

Joined a panel on geopolitical responses to misinformation with George Brock, Professor of Journalism, City University London; Dan Shefet, Attorney, Cabinet Shefet; and Claire Wardle, Strategy & Research Director, First Draft News as moderator.

Read more here.

Blog: Digital equality and the complexities of inclusion — #LoveOutLoud

In the last couple of years conversations about diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity have slowly made it onto the agendas of almost every tech conference and debate about the digital society worldwide. My main lesson: we have to be tactical and strategic about our endeavours — only if we address the challenges in a comprehensive manner will we be able to make a change.

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