Moderation: FoME Symposium, Berlin

"Manipulation of Public Opinion in Social Media: Actors, Trends, Counter-strategies" -- this wasn't exactly an easy to digest or necessarily uplifting topic, but it has been a great pleasure quizzing Lisa-Maria Neudert, John Jal Dak, and Amber Macintyre about their research and insights into the various complexities of (social) media capture during the Forum Media... Continue Reading →

AMA: Mozfest House, London, UK

On October 23, I had the pleasure to host Moritz Riesewieck, one of the directors of the award-winning documentary "The Cleaners" at the RSA in London. As part of Mozfest House, we screened the documentary to a very interested, knowledgeable audience and invited them in the following "Ask me Anything" session to think about potential... Continue Reading →

Artikel: Eine Freundschaftsanfrage vom Islamischen Staat

Ein paar unbedachte Facebook-Likes, etwas Pech beim Algorithmus — und schon können junge Menschen in die Fänge der Terrororganisation IS geraten. Die automatischen Empfehlungsmaschinen der sozialen Medien vernetzen Nutzer mit Anwerbern des Dschihadismus. Gemeinsamer Beitrag mit Lea Gimpel auf Cicero. Ganzen Artikel lesen.

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