For a better climate online: MozFest Sustainability Space

Hope, optimism, positivity, courage, collaboration. If you’re concerned about the climate crisis and the lack of dedicated action across the world, then chances are these are not the first terms that currently come to mind. It’s time to change that.

The next iteration of the Mozilla Festival, virtual for the first time, promises to provide a platform for just that. Curating a dedicated Sustainability Space, we aim to bring communities together to spark hope in tackling the climate crisis jointly.

The Call for Proposals opens today, and I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Whether you’re thinking about green tech, sustainable making, or carbon budgets; whether you want to pitch ideas on the right to repair, smart cities, or tiny AI; or whether you want to explore sustainable futures through art, music, or writing — we want to include it all.

We invite everyone, activists, educators, farmers, makers, engineers, artists, policy-makers, designers and all who care about the environment and our online world to share their knowledge and experiences.

A virtual MozFest has an additional advantage: No jetlag, no need to physically cross borders; more space to uplift the voices that everyone should hear.

One element that I’d love to see coming out of MozFest:

A compilation of the most pressing and insightful stories from all parts of the world. As Pacific islands and East Asia wrap up their conversations for the day, what were the highlights of these sessions, what should everyone be aware of? Moving along sessions from Asia and the Middle East, to Europe and Africa, across the Atlantic and further to North and South America – what did we learn from people in each of these regions, which ideas, solutions, and opportunities can we spin further?

If you’re interested in making that happen, help spread the word and pitch your ideas, the CfP is open until November 23. And if you’re on the fence, there are some helpful resources for (potential) facilitators, too.

Let’s organise, share experiences, and put these pieces together for a sustainable future. 

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