Mozilla’s Climate Commitments

It was a big moment when I got to announce Mozilla’s Climate Commitments. It’s a milestone for Mozilla as an organisation and certainly everyone on the sustainability team. We are incredibly proud to finally be able to share this.

You can read more about our pledge on the Mozilla blog, in short:

1. Mozilla is firmly committed to being carbon-neutral.
2. Mozilla will significantly reduce its GHG footprint year over year aligning to, and aiming to exceed, the net zero emissions commitment of the Paris Climate Agreement.
3. Mozilla commits to leading openly by sharing materials, tools, and methodologies.
4. Mozilla will explore approaches to develop, design, and improve products from a sustainability perspective, including seeking collaborations to further amplify impact.

Since the most effective climate mitigation strategy is avoiding emissions, the focus of our work in 2021 will be to set reduction targets and develop implementation plans with all parts of the organisation. Stay tuned for more.

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    1. Mozilla is technically already carbon-neutral since we’ve purchased offsets from sequestration and conservation projects to cover the 2019 emissions. That said, the majority of the work and focus will be on how to efficiently and permanently reduce organisational emissions going forward because offsets really should only be a tool to mitigate residual emissions.


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