Blog series: Part 2-4 on paths to action

After sharing my initial post in this series, which estimate the internet’s environmental footprint to be in the range of 4-7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, parts 2-4 focused on what we can do to improve this impact.

Part 2 looked at various environmental reports from big tech companies, such as Netflix, Facebook, and Apple to highlight that the crux of adequate and appropriate reporting on corprate emissions is in the details — with each of these companies underreporting their own impact. This leads me to call for mandatory, transparent and material environmental reporting for the tech sector.

Part 3 focuses on how to manage the necessary level of change within businesses. To better illustrate the practical steps to change management, I am reflecting on my experience with building up Mozilla’s sustainability programme.

Part 4 reflects on my observation that the main obstacle to implementing change is often a lack of imagination. If we struggle to envision what a better future looks like, we can’t drive positive change. It is invitation to stretch our imagination.

Feedback as well as additional sources for inspiration are very welcome.

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