Blog: Big Tech & The Climate

Read any highly ambitious climate pledges or reduction targets lately?

I’m guessing yes, given the level of attention on corporate responsibility to reduce and mitigate their climate impact. Including —and especially so— Big Tech.

However, to do so, all of them must effectively (not just on paper) reduce their emissions. Are they?

Here’s the tl;dr of what I found:

2021 amount of million mtCO2e | change Year over Year (YoY)
Alibaba ?
Amazon ?
Apple 22.5 | 🟡↔️
Facebook 5.7 | 🛑↗️
Google 11.37 | 🛑↗️
Microsoft 14.1 | 🛑↗️
Mozilla ?
Netflix 1.54 | 🛑↗️
Tencent 5.1 | 🛑↗️

Details on my latest blog — any feedback or questions? I’d love to hear them. 🙏

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